7 Holiday Hacks You Need To Take Note Before You Travel

Bumper-to-bumper standstills on the 405. Screaming children at Terminal 7. Vaguely green chicken tetrazzini on your red-eye to Milwaukee. Holiday travel is the worst, guys.

But while some things will always be a hassle (wait, why is there traffic at 5 a.m.?), there often is a better way.

Here, seven essential travel hacks that’ll help you get to where you’re going, all in one piece.

1) Book Your Ticket on Incognito

By which we mean an incognito browser. See, many airline and travel websites use cookies to track how many times you’ve visited and then alter their prices accordingly (meaning, they jack ’em up). To make sure you’re getting the best deal, use Google Chrome Incognito. In the top right corner of your browser window, click on the drop-down menu and select “New Incognito Window.” A new window will open automatically and you’ll be safe to book your tickets with no preconceived pricing.

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